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I'm back! Looking to compose music for games and animations of all scales! So get in touch :3

Album Art Request

2010-01-20 14:16:19 by Caught-Dead-Handed

Hi, I'm one third of the Electro/Disco Punk band CDH! (Caught Dead Handed). We are based in the UK and we have an EP out very soon and are looking for album artwork. I will pay £20 ($40) and I am selling them at gigs, and online in Europe and the US using iTunes. A short while after this, I will be releasing a remix EP which consists of local DJs/producers. So I will also be looking for artwork and maybe some T-Shirt designs.
I will be linking to your myspace/newgrounds/website on the back of the EP (and our myspace/fBook) to give you some publicity for your work.

Just got to finish off some mixing and I will upload the tracks soon.

1. Hydroponics
2. Cockpit
3. I've Come This Far


Add me on msn
Feel free to chat and ask me any questions.

Thanks for your time guys.